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Open Distributed European Virtual CAMPus on ICT Security

Register for your ICT security online course:

Registration for the DECAMP online courses in 2021_2022, started in July!!! 6 ICT Security Online courses for 6 ECTS-credits each

Increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks pose a threat to the networks of companies, organisations and governments. In the case of governments, they can paralyse an entire economic system and even undermine national and international security. No end in sight. Quite the reverse: the danger is ever present and growing. Consequently, the need for skilled network security specialists is rising at a dramatic rate. The new DECAMP online ICT Security courses co-funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union are specially designed to address this need. With this in mind, specially selected computer science faculties from six EU countries have joined to form an international strategic partnership. Together we developed and implemented a new model for an Open Technology Online Campus for you, IT students, interested in ICT security.

The Six Strategic EU Partners are:

1. Munich University of Applied Sciences (MUAS), Germany, functions at the same time as coordinator
2. Metropolia UAS (MET), Finland
3. University of Padua (UNIPD), Italy
4. University Politehnica of Bucharest (UPB), Romania
5. University of Cantabria (UC), Spain
6. University of South Wales (USW), UK

Our Core Message:
“Green Mobility”: As a DECAMP student you can stay at your home university while studying ICT security abroad.

Which courses are offered?

Bachelor Courses (ONLY for Bachelor Students):

  • Applied Web Application Security: Attacks and Defense (MET) - Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki, Finland:
  • Secure Cloud Computing (UC) - University of Cantabria, Santander, Spain:
  • Secure Network Management and Computer Networks (MUAS) - Munich University of Applied Sciences, Germany:

Master Courses (ONLY for Master Students):

  • Security of e-Health Systems (UPB) - University Polytechnica of Bucharest, Romania:
  • Applied Computer Forensics and Crime Investigation (USW) - University of South Wales, Cardiff, UK:
  • Wireless Network Security (UNIPD) - University of Padua, Italy:

What about earning credits?

  • Yes, you will earn six credit points per course!
    Each DECAMP partner University will fully recognize the ECTS credits for the DECAMP courses. All you need to do is fulfil all the course requirements and pass the exams! (For more info see “ICT security Courses).

Here some more DECAMP advantages for you:

  • You can choose from the ICT security courses which your home university does not offer. The DECAMP partner Universities complement each other’s course offerings for your benefit.
  • These courses provide you with in-depth knowledge based on lab experience.
  • As an open platform, DECAMP presents a range of special features, e.g. novel, practically oriented blended learning online courses for transnational learning.

One of DECAMP’s most prominent features:

  • innovative hands-on remote virtual labs containing virtual machines and real equipment

DECAMP’s unique feature:

  • Virtual labs enable you to gain hands-on experience of simulated security attacks. Scenarios of this kind cannot normally be practised in your real network environments because of the risk to local networks.
  • DECAMP’s virtual labs are also open to Bachelor/Master final projects and R&D.

  • And this is not all:
    As a DECAMP student, you will be working with real Case Studies directly from our Associated Partners:
    Siemens AG, Germany, <>
    Infoworld s.r.l., Romania, <>
    and eRISCS Research Department, Aix-Marseille-University, France < >

And DECAMP works in an international climate:

It maximizes the positive social impact of intercultural interaction between you, your EU fellow students, your EU professors and your EU tutors.

For more detailed information please see:

DECAMP is coordinated by Munich University of Applied Sciences, Department of Computer Science and Mathematics
Professors: Peter Mandl, Alexandru Soceanu, Gudrun Socher


Alexandru Soceanu

Prof. Dr. Alexandru Soceanu
Room: R 4.030

Mobile: +49 172-86 33 281
Phone: +49 89-1265-3759
Fax: +49 89-1265-3780

Peter Mandl

Prof. Dr. Peter Mandl
Room: R 2.038

Phone: +49 89-1265-3704
Fax: +49 89-1265-3780