Digital Services and Processes (DSP)

Concepts and Methods for Digitizing Processes, Services and Decisions

The research group around Prof. Dr. Rainer Schmidt pursues research topics in order to design and optimize digital services and business processes.

The research group investigates the automation of services and processes to increase efficiency and service quality. The concepts support the entire lifecycle of services and processes from design through operation to optimization.

Artificial intelligence promotes the automation of services and processes. Deep learning, big data and business analytics are used for decision-making in companies and organizations.

Digital architectures are developed from services, processes, and decision technologies in accordance with corporate goals and strategies.

Together with other universities, concepts for the use of analytical methods and decision technologies in smart tourism are being developed.

The results of scientific research in industrial projects are an important goal:

  • Artificial-Intelligence based Service Configuration
  • IT-Rigger
  • Development of a generic system for automated decision making for increasing the resilience and efficiency of virtualized IT systems
  • further research topics...


Ideenaustausch mit australischen Universitäten >

Prof. Dr. Ing. Rainer Schmidt, Barbara Keller und Dr. Michael Möhring folgten der Einladung von Frau Prof. Shazia Sadiq der University of Queensland in Brisbane und stellten die Hochschule München und aktuelle Forschungsarbeiten vor.

Forschungskooperation mit der Warwick Business School weiter ausgebaut >

Das Team von Prof. Dr. Ing. Rainer Schmidt hat die vorlesungsfreie Zeit für einen weiteren Ausbau ihrer internationalen Forschungsaktivitäten genutzt.

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