Team Presentation

Digital Architectures and Processes

We develop concepts and methodologies for digitalizing processes, services and decisions in enter-prises and organizations.


We develop digital architectures from services, processes, and de-cision technologies in alignment with enterprise goals and strate-gies. In this way, we enable the creation of new business models and processes.


We provide concepts for optimizing processes in enterprises and organizations using digital tech-nologies such as predictive analyt-ics, prescriptive analytics and Deep Learning.

Dynamic Pricing

We help enterprises to under-stand, develop and implement new ways of pricing and demand forecasting. In this way, we help enterprise optimizing their revenue and resource usage.

Smart Tourism

Together with other universities we develop concepts for using an-alytical methods and decision technologies in tourism to in-crease customer value and services.


We investigate the automation of service provisioning and thus to increase service efficiency and quality of services. Our concepts support the whole lifecycle of services starting from design, to operation and optimization.


We use Deep Learning, Big Data and Business Analytics to enhance decision making in enterprises and organizations by integrating predictive and prescriptive ana-lytics into business processes and services.

Lifecycle Support

We apply a holistic approach starting from data collection such as web crawling up to decision as a service.

Big Data

Big Data technologies in combina-tion with approaches such as deep learning are the foundation for innovative developments. Us-ing them new applications for au-tomated decision making are ena-bled.

Medical Data Analysis

We are increasingly applying our data expertise to the medical branch. Through images, features and model simulations we ana-lyze patterns for specific medical task, offering ad-hoc solutions to specific issues.

Academic research

Our scientific research receives international acclaim at international top conferences such as HICSS, ECIS, AMCIS, BIS, BPMDS.

Furthermore, we publish frequentliy in journals such as Journal of Software Maintenance and Evolution and Harvard Business Manager.

We are tightly connected with the international research landscape by the co-organization of conferences and workshops over many years and the participation in numerous program committees.

Research Projects

The applicability of our research is an important goal for us. Four of the six group members work in projects with an industrial con-text. We apply, evaluate and deepen the results of our scien-tific research in research projects. Our projects with industries are an important source for new re-search challenges.

Interested in cutting-edge research?

We are very happy to welcome enterprises and organizations that would like to join us in our research.

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