FK07 - Stochastic Engineering in Business and Finance (Master of Science) full time / part time

Master in Stochastic Engineering

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Risk – Stochastics – Finance

Calculating uncertainties, factoring in chance, balancing opportunities and risks

Many events in economy, nature, engineering and in everyday life contain elements that are uncertain, random or influenced by disturbance variables. Description, control and conscious management of such events is based on theoretical probability models and the efficient implementation of these models using modern simulation methods and computer algebra systems.
The models used are then tested and evaluated using statistical methods.

Financial Engineering – Risk Management

For this reason, the theory of probability and statistics, or stochastics, is a part of the mathematical discipline that is most relevant to practice. The Master’s programme in Stochastic Engineering offers as major focus of study in Financial Engineering and Risk Management. The necessary knowledge and skills are taught throughout in a broadly-based and practice-oriented way.