Aim of study

The Master’s programme in Stochastic Engineering is intended to qualify students to
independently develop and apply complex stochastic models and processes in order to solve practice-oriented problems in economy, nature and engineering. In addition, students will be enabled to develop scientific methods that are important for practice and to implement the latest research findings effectively.

In particular, the studies are intended to teach students the skills to analyse a wide range of application problems in the field of economics, finance and risk management, to process them according to requirements and to solve them with the help of suitable state-of-the-art models, systems and computer-supported processes. In all this, the programme puts its main focus of study on Financial Engineering and Risk Management.

The Master’s programme in Stochastic Engineering encourages communication and
teamwork skills that are important for professional practice. In particular, this includes the
ability to explain mathematically difficult situations to users in simple words and to
demonstrate the possibilities and limitations of the models that have been used.

The Master’s programme prepares students for challenging activities in an international work environment. Foreign-language teaching content is therefore an integral part of the studies. The programme can also be the basis for further academic qualification in a doctorate programme.


Personal profile requirements

  • Well-founded knowledge of mathematics
  • Interest in conceptual problems as well as in application oriented solutions
  • No reserves when it comes to computers
  • Communication skills

Admission requirements

Admission is usually based on a good degree in a Bachelor’s course or ‘Diplom’ degree course with a sufficient proportion in Mathematics, and a successful result in an aptitude test. Studies and exams taken outside Germany may be recognised in accordance with the applicable regulations on a case-by-case basis.

For further information see Article 3 of the study and exam regulations SPO for the Master’s programme in Stochastic Engineering and the Appendix to the SPO for the Master’s programme in Stochastic Engineering.

(Please note: language of SPO is German!)