FK07 - Information Systems and Management (Master of Science) full time / part time

About the course

The increasing influence of information technology on business activities nowadays demands well-founded, interdisciplinary knowledge in the fields of economics and computer science.
Graduates of the Master's programme in Information Systems and Management are predestined for work in these interdependent areas.

The Department of Computer Science and Mathematics offers the Master’s degree in Information Systems and Management as a continuing course of study, which is also open to graduates from related areas.

The Master's programme builds on the students' advanced knowledge, and further deepens and broadens it in selected areas of Information Systems and Management.

Additional courses:

Thanks to its size, Munich University of Applied Sciences offers its students a varied, interdisciplinary range of additional courses:

  • Corporate Data Protection
  • Further academic education at Munich University of Applied Sciences
  • General Studies courses
  • Excursions