Master's degree in Computer Science

FK07 - Computer Science (Master of Science) full time / part time

Major field: Computergraphics/ Image Processing

An increasing number of areas of economy, manufacturing and everyday life are being
complemented, improved, or governed by information technology. This development requires highly qualified computer scientists with a solid knowledge base that allows them to work confidently in complex application fields.

One subject that can be found in a wide range of applications is digital image data processing. Starting with abstract information generated from processes such as pattern recognition, image sequence evaluation and movement perception or 3D reconstruction can in turn i result in computer graphics models. For this reason, along with more general subjects in Computer Science, the two subject areas of Digital Image Processing and Computer Graphics have been combined as a major field of study. They provide most valuable knowledge for an area of Computer Science which is currently undergoing a period of extreme growth, particularly in Germany.

Examples of how knowledge from this major field of study can be used:

  • Visual quality control in manufacturing
  • Medical technology (tomography, remote diagnosis etc.)
  • Biometrics for access checks
  • Driver assistance systems
  • Document processing
  • Satellite manipulation
  • Entertainment (computer games, film production, virtual museums etc.)
  • And many more

The Master’s programme in Computer Science equips students with deepened knowledge and advanced skills that qualify them to take on the most challenging tasks in senior positions.
For doing so, the Master’s programme in Computer Science builds on a broad knowledge base gained from a Bachelor’s programme, for example. Besides the full-time model, the Master’s programme in Computer Science is also offered as a part-time model or as a traineeprogramme. Small class sizes, excellent facilities and a personal environment support and facilitate the learning process and also promote social skills.

If you are interested in this major field of study, please contact Prof. Dr. Alfred Nischwitz to discuss the application process and other organisational issues.