FK07 - Computer Science (Bachelor ) full time

Bachelor in Computer Science

(Please note: language of instruction is German!)


The increasing influence information technology has in all areas of the economy requires more and more highly qualified computer scientists. The Bachelor’s programme in Computer Science provides a comprehensive education in all the important areas of Computer Science.
Alongside lectures, students apply their knowledge in exercises and projects and gain important experience already during their studies.

The tailored design of the course offering and its quality are guaranteed by external assessment (accreditation).

Professional areas

  • Computer construction and use (hardware and software)
  • System analysis and structuring of solutions
  • Software development and program creation, sales, consultancy and maintenance
  • Administration, training and teaching

Opportunities for further studies in the department

The B.Sc. degree is a prerequisite for studying for the Master of Science (M.Sc.). The continuative M.Sc. qualifies you for admission to higher levels in the public sector or for doctorate studies.