FK07 - Scientific Computing (Bachelor ) full time

Bachelor in Scientific Computing

(Please note: language of instruction is German!)

About the course

Science, engineering and economics are increasingly making use of mathematical methods. Mathematical technologies and computers are used for purposes such as simulating real processes. In many areas, computer modelling is now just as important as theory and experiments. The applications range from crash test simulations to financial mathematical problems, from designing new medications to weather forecasts, from medical image processing to discovering oil fields.
All of these areas and many more require specialists with well-founded mathematical knowledge, who know how to create expert simulations, who can put the models developed into action on the computer, and who can easily familiarize themselves with various areas of application.

What type of university?

The question faced by students with general higher education entrance qualifications is what type of university to choose for their further education. If you are interested in concrete practical issues, a university of applied science is the obvious choice.

Scientific Computing or Computer Science?

Not yet sure whether you want to study Scientific Computing or Computer Science? As opposed to Computer Science, Scientific Computing focuses on computer-oriented mathematics and simulation, whereas a Computer Science course is more technical and has a stronger emphasis on software development.