Aim of study

Aim of study

You don’t need to be a mathematical wizard or computer genius to study Mathematics. However, mathematics students should embark on their studies with a sense of enjoyment and an interest in mathematics, and the ability to think abstractly. The ability to work with persistence and concentration is a requirement. You should enjoy puzzling over problems on your own or as part of a team. Good spatial imagination is certainly also useful. During their studies students gain an increasing ability for abstraction, and by the end students should be capable of recognising and analysing problems, writing them down in a clear and concise way and communicating with others about them.

Being familiar with programming languages is not an entrance requirement – this will be taught during the course using problem solving. However, an interest in working with computers and knowledge of programming are helpful. In addition, English language skills are important as in later semesters English-language subject literature is used, as is common in most sciences nowadays, and international communication takes place largely in English.


  • Ability to think logically and abstractly
  • An interest in mathematics and computer science
  • A sense of enjoyment in solving tricky problems
  • Teamwork skills

If you have

a higher education entrance qualification recognised in Bavaria (for more information see: )

...then there is nothing stopping you from coming to study at Munich University of Applied Sciences. Come and learn with us!

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