Bachelor in Information Systems and Management

(Please note: language of instruction is German!)

About the course

The aim of information systems and management is to efficiently support administrative and business tasks in companies and in administration using information technology. As information technology permeates practically all operational sections of companies and administration, information systems and management play a very important and central role.
Information systems and management is characterised by a high degree of interdisciplinary work, i.e. the integration of business administration and computer science, and is reflected in the requirements on those working in information systems and management. People working in this field must be equally at home in both areas and must speak both languages – Computer Science and Business Administration – to be able to perform their role as an ‘interpreter’ in companies.

For this reason the Information Systems and Management programme is conducted by two specialized departments at Munich University of Applied Sciences: the Department of Business Administration and the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics. This is the only way in which students can truly experience the way of thinking both in business and in information technology. A comprehensive and intensively integrated part of the course brings these two worlds together and provides the best preparation for a career in information systems and management.