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Prof. Dr. Martin Ruckert

Prof. Dr. Martin Ruckert
Fakultaet 07
Raum: R 4.027
Adresse: 80335 München, Lothstr. 64

Fakultät 07
Tel.: 089 1265-3730
Fax: 089 1265-3780


Details on current and past projects are now on my project home page

Fachgebiete / Schwerpunkte

  • Programming Languages
  • Compiler
  • Formal Methods
  • Hardware Simulation


  • From November 2005 to October 2010, I served as head of the department for Computer Science and Mathematics (Dekan)
  • I spent the spring semester 2011 in Stanford as a visiting researcher. Working on MMIX, I enjoyed a teriffic support from Donald Kuth.
  • Since September 2011, I maintain the new home of the MMIX virtual machine.
  • Since September 2011, I serve as Vice Chairman of the Bezirksausschuss 2 in Munich
  • I spent the summer term of 2017 at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) in San Luis Obispo teaching a course on Programming Languages.

Weitere Informationen

Further information (office hours) may be found in the department information database .

WEB to cweb

Converting TeX from WEB to cweb

Umschlag WEB to cweb

This book describes a project to convert the TEX source code written by Donald E. Knuth as a WEB into a cweb.A WEB here means a literate program, that is a program which is written as a form of literature and consequently published as a book. Of course there is a way of converting such a piece of literature into an ordinary program: it contains Pascal code. Over the years, the support for Pascal as a major programming language decreased and Pascal was replaced by C as the system programming language of choice. Consequently, WEB was replaced by cweb, leading to the obvious question: can we convert the TEX source code to cweb. And the answer is: yes and no.

No, because TEX is a rather large program, so it is not feasible to translate it manually, and translating literature by means of an automatic process is not feasible either.Yes, because the program contained in this book, a literate program itself, is specifically tailored to the TEX source code and achieves a good approximation to such a translation. The book is available directly from Amazon

For further details see the my project home page .

HINT: The File Format

Reflowable Output for TeX


This book describes a new file format to store documents in a reflowable format.

The book is available directly from Amazon

For further details see the my project home page .

The MMIX Supplement

The MMIX Supplement to The Art of Computer Programming Volumes 1,2,3 by Donald E. Knuth

The MMIX Supplement Cover

In February 2015, I finished the MMIX Supplement to Donald Knuths series of Books on The Art of Computer Programming. The book contains trasnslations for the MMIX processor of all the programs Donald Knuth had written for the (by now a bit outdated) MIX computer. Along with the programs, the analysis of the algorithms was updated to reflect the new processor.

Understanding MP3

Understanding MP3: Syntax, Semantics, Mathematics, and Algorithms

More Information about the book, you find on the Understanding MP3 Homepage

Understanding MP3 - Syntax, Semantics, Mathematics, and Algorithms

Thanks to CreateSpace the book is again available in print directly from Amazon Understanding MP3

The book has two main objectives:

To explain the syntax, the semantics, the mathematics, the software, and the purpose that is inherent in an MPEG audio bit stream, and

to provide a highly efficient, general purpose implementation of a decoder, called mp32pcm, that can transform such a bit stream into an ordinary stream of PCM data.

The Virtual Motherboard (VMB)

A Generic Virtual Bus for Hardware Simulator Composition

IEEE Design and Test Logo

The paper

"A Generic Virtual Bus for Hardware Simulator Composition" ,

together with Axel Böttcher and Martin Hauser appeared in IEEE Design&Test. Thanks go to my students in the IT-Systems course who helped testdriving the simulator during the last semesters.


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WEB to cweb

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