Technical Writing

Elective Course for students of the Bachelor program in Computer Science. Participants of this seminar will acquire theoretical knowledge on how to produce adequate professional documents in English. The hands-on tasks will improve your writing process, enhance your planning strategies, and boost your revising competence to develop the handcraft you need for your current studies and your future job.

Sessions in winter semester 2017

  • Tuesday, 1:30 to 4:45 p.m. in room R0.009.
    First regular classes are on October 10, 2017.

As part of the series Courses in English , the seminar is also open to students of other departments and exchange students.

Central registration to Courses in English for incoming students via PRIMUSS online course selection on the CIE course list page. Late arrivals please contact , Project Coordinator of Courses in English at the International Office, for additional registration. Course admission after semester start is contingent upon free spots.

Interested exchange students may additionally contact me per .

Online registration for department members is only possible at ZPA .
Students who registered have to confirm this personally at the beginning of the semester.
Those who miss doing so at latest by October 24, 2017 will not be approved as participants: students on the waitlist will move up on their places.

Module description of the course "Technical Writing in Computer Science".

Learning and course communication is supported by e-learning. To access the Moodle platform of the course, you need registration and a password.