Laboratories in Department 07

Dear visitor, each link takes you to one of the labs at the Department. All Lab websites are in German only.

Autonomous Systems >
The Autonomous Systems laboratory weiter
Business Simulation Center >
The aim is to impart knowledge of business management overall context. weiter
Chip Cards >
Chip cards are becoming an increasingly improtant component in communication systems. The Chip Card laboratory tracks current developments in this field. weiter
Computer Anatomy >
Computer Anatomy is the mmiddle ground between the more theoretical field of Computer Architecture and the more practical field of Computer Technology. weiter
Computer Graphics and Image Processing >
The laboratory´s focus is on issues relatin to computer graphics, digital image processing, pattern recognition and image data coding. weiter
Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition >
The Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition laboratory weiter
Database Systems and Information Management >
The Database Systems and Information Management laboratory uses ists own database server, the Oracle 10g database management system weiter
eCommerce >
Programming, use and handling of software tools for creating eCommerce solutions/web portals, are conveyed here. weiter
Information Systems >
This laboratory deals with business -management company software, which focuses more on CIS (Computer Integrated Services) and less on CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing). weiter
Java Systems Programming >
The laboratory is oriented towards software development with technologies relating to Java and the Internet. Applications play a secondary role. weiter
Middleware Technologies >
The main purpose of the laboratory is to support research and teaching in the field of middleware technologies. weiter
Multi-sensor laboratory >
Mice and keyboards are yesterday´s news. Today we have touchscreens with movement recognition. What will tomorrow bring? weiter
Networks >
The main purpose of the laboratory is to support research and teaching in the field of network technologies. weiter
Software Development >
The aims of the laboratory are clarification, planning, definition and analysis of requirements, tendering and rating, documentation and system maintenance. weiter
Virtual laboratory - Mathematics >
This is organised without an allocated room or laboratory. Computers and software equipment are provided by other laboratories according to demand. weiter