Degree Programmes

Bachelor programmes

Bachelor in Computer Science >
The Bachelor in Computer Science includes courses in all important areas in Computer Science... weiter
Bachelor in Information Systems and Management >
The Bachelor in Information Systems and Mangement combines computer science, economics and management ... weiter
Bachelor in Scientific Computing >
There is an increasing demand for experts with well-founded mathematical skills in applied science, technics and economy ... weiter

Master programmes

Master in Computer Science >
The Master´s degree in Computer Science is being offered in 3 main tracks: Computer Vision and Computer Graphics, Software Engineering, Embedded Computing weiter
Master in Information Systems and Management >
This Master's programme prepares students for the increasing influence of information technology in the corporate world. weiter
Master in Stochastic Engineering >
More important than ever! The department offers a Master with focus on Financial Engineering, Risk Management... weiter

Further programmes

Additional qualifications >
Data security - more information (in German only) weiter
Dual Study Course >
Work-study programme - explanation and contact-> see on homepage MUAS weiter
Courses in English >
Here, you find a list of the courses in English MUAS is offering this semester. weiter